7 Superb Noodle Dishes To Try Out When You’re Next Hungry

Go one step beyond that supermarket stir fry combo…

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Noodles are King. Let’s take stir frys. They’re the ultimate go-to recipe. A sure fire way of getting your greens with plenty of flavour and yumminess without having to spend any time at all. Realistically most of us are lazy, aren’t we? But just for once, instead of reaching for the supermarket combo of noodle, pre-made veg pack and sauce, give one of these a go!

Cooking from scratch gives it that real extra edge and you’ll be astounded at how many more dimensions you can add to your dish. Noodles don’t always have to equate to stir frys either! Just look at all of these original ideas…

1. Teriyaki Ramen Noodles

Teriyaki Strip

For the person with little to no time to cook, this is for you. Substitute the prawns in for another ingredient if you’re not a fan. Great stuff. Here’s the recipe.

2. Fiery Prawn Noodle Soup

Fiery Noodle Soup

Another prawn recipe! This 15 minute meal draws quick flavour from the shell of the prawns. It’s like an extra, extra posh pot noodle really. It’s no surprise Barry won the battle with this recipe. Catch it here.

3. Wasabi Tuna & Noodle Salad

Wasabi Tuna Noodle

Noodles are a great way to bulk out a salad by making it that little bit more hearty and they will also add warmth to the dish. This recipe makes use of how quick you’re able to sear tuna. It’s another meal where you can be in the door and eating within 15 minutes. Get involved.

4. Vietnamese Noodle Salad


Another salad! How healthy are we? There’s so much colour and zing to this particular recipe. Of course the squid is optional but we really recommend it. It’s a crazily cheap ingredient that we feel we need to make more of. Get the recipe.

5. Thai Pot Noodle

Thai Pot nood

Prone to a bit of secret binging when you get in from a heavy night out? We have the answer! Make up a batch of these and stick ‘em in the freezer. You can whip them out, microwave them and be chowing down on deliciousness in no time. Be the winner here.

6. Udon Noodle Broth With Tempura Veg

Udon Noodle

This will warm your wee little heart to the core. It’s like being hugged by a warming, soothing, mushroomy hug. It’s a simple concept which is why the tempura veg is there to add crunch and crispiness. Try it out ASAP.

7. Ramen

Ramen Bowl

If you have more time on your hands then Ramen is a worthy investment. The long process is all about driving out immense flavour and of course, like we say with any Sorted food recipe, you can customise it to how you want. Every cook has to attempt to make ramen at least once in their lives. Fact. Get the recipe for a rainy day.

So hopefully that’s been a bit of inspiration for you! Keep your eyes peeled on Thursday where there’ll be a new noodly recipe kicking butt big time over on YouTube.

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  • Marchbanks

    So nice-looking … and so useless, as I’m violently allergic to prawns (indeed, to all shellfish of any sort) and could only eat them if I didn’t mind being carried out dead at the end of the meal. (I do object to being carried out dead, because I’ve gotten accustomed to living.) So what other meats/proteins might work in these recipes that I have a chance of living through? And how would one best use them?