7 Foodie Things To Do Before Graduating

Get ready for the big wide world…


Graduate status is a big and scary thing. After 15+ years of institutionalised education, it can at times feel like floating at the precipice of the Mariana Trench. It’ll be worth it just for the cap and gown and if you’re a foodie there are plenty of things to keep you distracted before you get your certificate. If you’re attending your ceremony this year or gearing up for your final semesters, here are 10 Things you have to do before Graduating:

1. Try a Food Challenge

Almost every University Town and City has one. Find yours and give it a go. If your area doesn’t have one, make one up. Make a round of 1 item from every stall at a food court. See how hot a curry you can get from your takeaway and set rules for eating it. Prove your bravery, and ball up all your courage.

2. Host a Dinner Party

Everyone aims to do a Christmas Dinner, and a BBQ. Why not add a “Come Dine with me” experience and have a modest reward as the prize? Get everyone Suited and Booted/ Frocked and Socked to go the whole hog for a fancy night in.  


3. Try a recipe Swap

You Housemates and Course Colleagues will all have their own repertoire of recipes. Make the most of that by taking part in a recipe exchange. Teach someone your signature dish and learn a new one as part of the bargain.

4. Enjoy the local brew/ cuisine.

Craft Ales and Microbreweries are popping up all over the place, and there seems to be a prevailing trend amongst the chain pubs to get students on as many of their premium ales as possible. Support your local breweries and local independent pubs by checking out your area’s beer scene and if that’s not your thing then there’s plenty of opportunities to try the local food. Is there a dish only your city makes or is famous for?


5. Spend your last loan on something foodie

A new piece of kitchen gear, a new recipe book, a decent Big Night In. Treat. Yo. Self.  Once the loans are gone, they’re not coming back. Live within your treat range budget and you’ll do just fine.

6. Give yourself a project

This can be anything. Build yourself a smoker/ BBQ, grow a herb garden, start writing all your recipes down in a Cookbook, or start a food blog. It’ll give you a hobby to focus on in between your last exams and distraction from impending full-time adulthood.

7. Visit your Capital

Capital cities are one of the best places to pick up new food trends with your mates. Whether your capital is just the capital of your state or the Country, use the knowledge there to develop your own recipes.

You may be graduating soon and well done for getting this far, but it’s as they say: “the real learning starts now”. You will miss all the free time you’re used to having once you start on your career path. There’s no time like the present!

Will Cowley runs the Student Chow profile on SORTEDfood and also has a tumblr blog. He frequently writes about all aspects of student life: Health, fitness, partying, budgeting and most of all, eating! Don’t forget to follow him and keep your eyes peeled for more great pieces about foodie life as a student!

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