5 Tricks & 5 Treats This Halloween


You might be feeling like you’re a bit too old for Trick or Treating these days. We reckon it would be more than a bit strange for us to turn up on the doorsteps of random houses in costumes begging for candy.  But DO NOT fear. There’s a way for you to still get involved this Halloween.

If you haven’t got any major plans or parties, how about pranking your mates or annoying your siblings with these 5 trickster gems….

1. Buy a large sponge and take the time to decorate it with delicious looking icing and topping so it looks like a cake. Lovingly offer your friend some…

2. Cleverly attach some duct tape to the nozzle of a kitchen or bathroom sink, but leave a small gap at the side nearest you, so some water can still escape. When they turn it on next, they will most definitely get sprayed with water.

3. Sew some shrimps into their duvet and wait ‘til they go mouldy. This is a total shocker, so don’t enter into it lightheartedly.

4. While they’re sleeping, put toothpaste on your friends finger, then tickle their nose gently with a feather. LOL.

5. Order a Sing-A-Gram to your friend’s workplace to serenade them with a song in front of the entire office. Make sure someone is there to video the supreme awkwardness.

If you are going to a party, how about telling your mate the wrong fancy dress theme? And if you need some tips on how to keep a deadpan face, pick up some tips from that time we pretended a food critic was really annoyed with Ben

Halloween Tricks

But maybe, just maybe, you’re a nice person wanting to spread joy and bring happiness on others. If this sounds more like you, how about making some sweet treats for anyone who may knock on your door? These are the 5 best recipes to try on the SORTEDfood community:

1. Peanut Butter Fudge by Sorted

2. Apple and Mint Marshmallows by Sorted

3. Cookie Dough Truffles by luvmyfood

4. Cake Pops by Sorted

5. Easy Oreo Truffles by shelly_yuri

Strip Hallowee

It’s totally your choice. Try not to make anyone cry. Happy Halloween guys. We hope you’re weekend is full of fabulously frightening festive fun. Do let us know how you get on…