The second stop for more BBQ’d hunks of meat was John Meuller Meat Co. An outdoor seating area serviced by a big wood fire smoker/burner and a food truck.

John is a really nice guy, the third generation to work tirelessly (100 hrs a week) preparing his craft. We asked him how he did his BBQ and he cut straight to the chase! “See that wood,  that burns in there, I bung some meat in and it cooks!” Ha

We had brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs and even some baked squash. The beef rib had a thick, chewy bark with succulent meat beneath and it all fell off the bone leaving it super clean. John gets up at 3am to put the meat on so that its ready for lunch… And boy are we glad he does!

The squash was a nice change, we get the feeling you don’t get much veg in the Texan BBQ spread… It’s all about the meat and bread!

  • Francesca M

    You guys are doing well on the bbq..but..uh do you know what meat sweats are?

    • sortedfood

      Soooooo much BBQ!! How much is too much? Is there such a thing? 😀

      • Francesca M

        There is never too much.. There is just a level of how where you start to get uncomfortable and sweaty & greasy. Aka the meat sweats… You will survive..just occasionally eat the green beans..;) oh and just putting this out there ..in Fort Worth one of our chefs makes rattlesnake sausages.

  • Maria Wass

    Head up to Richmond Virginia!!

  • Abu Baker

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