3 Recipes For Superstar Red Bell Peppers!

Chilli Jam
Red bell Peppers are one of those ingredients that are in a lot of things but never seem to take centre stage. Well, we think it’s time the Red Pepper took the limelight in our ‘3 Things To Do With’ series.

First up is a little trivia. Is the red pepper a fruit or veg? Well. botanically speaking, it’s a fruit (?!) but in many cooking terms it’s referred to as a vegetable because of its savoury properties.

So what can you do that’s spectacular with red peppers? The answer is, a lot! They’re cheap and incredibly easy to get hold of. So check out these recipes to explore this ingredient..

Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

red pepper 3

We decided to be a little experimental with pesto by substituting certain ingredients. (The first being basil with red pepper!) It works really well and for this particular version we serve it up with aubergine and orzo. See, vegetarians actually have more fun. Catch the recipe here.

Red Pepper Filo Crunch Pie

red pepper filo

Thanks to its easy filo pastry topping, this mediterranean pie is crazy easy. It’s crunchy, tasty and has very different ingredients making it a great go-to meal if you’re having mates over. Catch the recipe here.

Red Pepper & Chilli Jam

Red Pepper 1

A versatile condiment that can be used with burgers, cheese, chips and sandwiches. It has a sweet and sharp flavour that’s hard to match. If you make a jar up of this, it will keep for weeks which makes it the ultimate recipe if you ever have leftover peppers knocking around. Catch the recipe here.

Our ‘3 Things To Do With…’ series is awesome for anyone on a budget or needing a little inspiration for leftover ingredients lying about the house. You can catch the recipes on SORTEDfood and watch the videos on our YouTube video. Don’t forget to send in pictures of what you make…