3 Recipes That Make Cucumber Unbelievably Cool


Flippin’ heck cucumber is a boring ingredient. It’s the one you chuck in, last minute, to a meal if your Mum’s nagging you to eat more greens.

Well here are three recipes that will blow your Mum out of the water and give you the cucumber fix you need to boost those skin cells and release your inner beauty. So shake yo’ cuc and dig in.

Cucumber & Cashew Raita

Cucumber and cashew. Sexy alliteration. This is the perfect pre-dinner dip with poppadums or the ideal accompaniment to a spicy curry. We have heaps of curry recipes if you’re not sure what to serve it with.

Cucumber Strip 2

Cucumber Strip Salad

Follow the tips in this recipe to cut your cucumber using a method that will give it a whole new dimension. We’d suggest serving it with crab cakes or perhaps teriyaki skewers as the zingy ness of the dressing is fab.

Cucumber Strip 1

Healthy Cucumber Smoothie

We can never be smoothied out over here at SORTEDfood. We’ve partied with avocado smoothie bowls but now there’s another mean green fighting machine on the scene. Thanks to their watery base, they’re a great addition to smoothies and the sweetness of the honey and pear contrast well.

Cucumber Strip 3

Our ‘3 Things To Do With…’ series is awesome for anyone on a budget or needing a little inspiration for leftover ingredients lying about the house. You can catch the recipes on SORTEDfood and watch the videos on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to send in pictures of what you make…