3 Creative Things You Can Do With Ramen Noodles

Ramen Noodles Header

We’re flippin’ batty for instant ramen noodles. Why? Because they’re cheap as chips of course (they’re probably even cheaper which is an excellent bonus.)

This week on Fridgecam we got insanely creative and a little more loopy than usual to cook up three magical ways to eat instant noodles that’s completely different to their packet instructions. If you’re a student, on a budget or fancy having a bit of an experiment, this article is for you.

Here’s three things to do with Ramen Noodles:

Crispy Ramen Mushrooms

Crunchy, delicious coated shiitake mushrooms. Great for a fattie to eat on their own or as epic party snacks. Don’t forget to pile ‘em up high so everyone can dig into these fried balls of heaven. Catch the recipe here.

Grilled Ramen Balls

Italian Ramen

It’s a ramenara! If you’re Italian, look away. But this dish is mega easy and extremely delicious. The ultimate comfort food that can be whipped up in minutes. Catch the recipe here.


Ramen Grilled Cheese

Holy hangover this is what you need if you’re feeling a little worse for wear. We sandwich oozing melted cheese with ramen patties. Be a gem and make this for your housemates. They will love you forever and buy you a trophy. Catch the recipe here.

ramen grilled cheese

Our ‘3 Things To Do With…’ series is awesome for anyone on a budget or needing a little inspiration for leftover ingredients lying about the house. You can catch the recipes on SORTEDfood and watch the videos on our YouTube video. Don’t forget to send in pictures of what you make…