3 Different Ways To Use Potatoes

Bombay Aloo 2
Potatoes, an inexpensive and outrageously versatile ingredient! Now is the time to get more adventurous than a standard jacket or classic roasties. We’ve got 3 great recipes to show just how much potatoes have to offer.

Spinach Gnocchi


Gnocchi isn’t as tricky to make at home as you’d think. Make sure when you make your mash for Gnocchi that you don’t add anything liquid to it, the dough will be easiest to handle if the mixture is as dry as possible. Gently cooked in butter with a squeeze of lemon. This recipe is simplicity at it’s best. Get the recipe.

Pea and Ham Croquettes


Pea and Ham Croquettes are great to make as a snack, starter or nibbles for a party. They take very little time to make. With the crunchy fried breadcrumbs shell and soft potato core, this is a classic recipe you’ll want to make again and again! Get the recipe.

Bombay Aloo


This dish really pushes the humble potato to new levels. The fresh and dried spices give an amazing rounded curried flavour that makes this dish totally divine. Served with some fresh yoghurt and coriander for a super fresh side or main meal. Get the recipe.

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