3 Brilliant Broccoli Ideas That You’ve Never Though Of


Broccoli is one of the world’s healthiest foods and it will always be a struggle to spell. (Two cc’s. Try and remember for a gold star.) It has antioxidant properties, can lower cholesterol and counts as one of your five a day, in a big way. So you probably could do with some more in your life.

Problem is, like with any green vegetable, it gets ruddy boring. It can also be the stuff nightmares are made of when it’s overcooked to a soggy, limp mess.

We took the challenge and created 3 broccoli ideas to lift up the little tree into something a bit more exciting. We’ve got soup, salad and a side! You won’t be able to keep your cooking mitts off the stuff.


Broccolie Strip §

Broccoli and stilton soup is a classic but not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. So, for this soup, we took the same principles but paired it with peanut butter instead. The result is awesome and warming. Get the recipe here.


Broccoli Strip 2

Yes! You can roast broccoli. The appearance isn’t ideal but if you mix it with colourful and intriguing ingredients like this recipe suggests then there’s no problem. The flavour is delicious. You won’t even realise you’re eating bog standard broccoli once it’s smothered with the dressing. Catch the recipe here.


Broccoli 3

A Mornay is a Béchamel style sauce. So this broccoli mornay is practically like cauliflower cheese but with, you’ve guessed it… broccoli! The pumpkin seeds are a cheeky addition because they add a lovely nutty flavour to the end result. This is an indulgent side dish best served on a chilly winter night and a great way to get kids loving broccoli! You can find the recipe here.

So there you have it. Got any more broccoli ideas? Upload them to SORTEDfood so we can get a mouthful too.

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