24 Hours Lost And Hungry In… Florence!

James went to Italy. James did some eating.

FLorence Thumb

A couple of weeks ago I jetted off to Chianti to drink red wine. In between drinking red wine I spent a day in Florence, and thanks to you, ate some fantastic food.

Naturally the first thing to do in a city that you don’t know is to check TripAdvisor or tweet using #LostAndHungry for some foodie suggestions. I just want to take this opportunity to say thanks because I was blown away by all the suggestions that came through and every single place that I visited in Florence was awesome. So, for your viewing pleasure, here’s 4 foodie destinations if Florence is on your list of place to visit.

1. Ditta Artiganale

First up… coffee of course. This tweet couldn’t be ignored:

Twitter 1

Hipster coffee is kind of my thing so off we headed for a v60 and a fancy cupcake. They were yum.

Florence Strip 1

2. Al’Antico

Next stop is lunch and thanks to multiple recommendations we had what was probably the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted.

Twitter 3

Twitter 6-1

The shop was a crazy experience too. Fast talking Italians are scary when you can barely string a sentence together.

Florence Strip 3

3. Venchi

Isn’t it a requirement to have gelato after lunch in Italy? I’m sure I heard that somewhere. We headed to venchi (it was closest).

Twitter 8

Twitter 2

Fantastic dark chocolate and pistachio gelato (although not quite as good as this place we went to in San Gimignano).

Florence Strip 4

4. La Menagere

And there’s only one way to finish off a day in Florence. Drinks courtesy of another great recommendation. Either a fancy cocktail or a glass of chianti Classico will do nicely. When on holiday, hey!

Cocktails in Florence Strip

This was a flying visit, but in case you’re ever in Florence for more than a day check out some of the places we didn’t get to try:

Extra Tweet 2

Next time you’re in a new city remember to tweet using #LostAndHungry and let the SORTEDfood community be your guide. It’s so worth it. You’ll come across places you never expected to visit.

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