21 Things That Happen When You’re Supermarket Shopping

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Supermarket shopping. Stressful… fun… exciting… expensive… frustrating… and there are plenty of reasons why. Here’s what happens when you take a trip…

1. Your write a shopping list and budget to stick to like glue.

supermarket 1

2. You do everything in your right mind to park as close to the entrance as is humanely possible.

Supermarket 2

3. You arrive and realise you have left said shopping list at home.

supermarket 3

4. You pick up a trolley and can’t help but wonder if you could still fit into the child seat.

supermarket 4

5. Note to self: You can’t.

supermarket 5

6. You discover something exotic that you’ve never seen before and you really can’t help but buy it because you have no boundaries. 

supermarket 6

7. You get totally sucked into the buy one free offers on things you will never, ever need.

supermarket 7

8. When there’s only one half priced product left on the shelf and you manage to grab it, you feel like you need to tannoy the entire shop and declare your conquest.

supermarket 8

9. You encounter at least one screaming child having a fit in the chocolate aisle. 

supermarket 9

10. There are so many varieties of bread to choose from that you could have completed an advanced sudoku in the time it took you to choose.

supermarket 10

11. Halfway through you get so stressed you open a packet of biscuits to see you through the turmoil.

supermarket 11

12. You spend half an hour looking for one specific item but out of intelligent principle refuse to ask a shop assistant for help. 

supermarket 13

13. When you finally realise you have to cave and ask after all, they point it out and it’s RIGHT underneath your nose.

supermarket 12

14. You mistake someone elses trolley for your own and there’s nothing more mortifying in the world. 

supermarket 14

15. You get to aisle 557 right at the end of the shop and realise you need a vegetable in aisle 1.

supermarket 15

16. So you barge past on your walk of shame past all the other smug, organised shoppers. 

supermarket 16

17. At the checkout you get beaten by the conveyer belt every time as you try to keep up with it and pack it into bags.

supermarket 18

18. Then you break out into a sweat as the total price increases dramatically at every beep. 

supermarket 17

19. You accept the school vouchers with excitement even though you don’t know any children. 

supermarket 19

20. And the answer every time is NO, you do not have a club card.

supermarket 20

21. You leave a poor as a pauper but with a trolley of delicious FOOD. You have conquered the world. 

supermarket 21

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