2016. What A Year. We’ve Got Some Things We Want To Say…

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As we reach the end of 2016, it feels like most people I know are queuing up to wave it good riddance, pinning their hopes on a brighter, safer and more stable 2017.

At SORTEDfood, we’ve always wrapped ourselves up within our little bubble – we’ve always maintained that as a food-based community, we shouldn’t get involved in things outside our sphere of interest… But this year has pushed that to the limits and made us realise how important it is that we recognise what is happening in the real world and what we can do to impact that in a small way.

But whilst the history books may look back on 2016 as an example of ‘how not to do a year’, I think we can also look at the positives from within our bubble and use them to push us forward next year, to be a shining light for all that can be good in the world. Let’s take a quick look…

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Between us here at SORTEDfood HQ, we’ve cooked and eaten some astounding food this year. From my journey to learn more about smoking meats, to Ben’s trips to India and Japan, James’ Swedish experience, plus the wider team’s constant exploration of the bustling restaurant and pop-up scene in London… It’s fair to say that inspiration for new dishes hasn’t been hard to come by this year.

As always, the majority of our inspiration comes from you – the SORTEDfood community. Your knowledge of the foods local to you surpasses anything that we could ever achieve from our studio in London, and your eagerness to work with Ben and James to constantly improve the dishes that we’re creating using that knowledge is just incredible.

At this time of year, plenty of people give their takes on what the trends for next year will be… and if they come true, we’re all in for a treat! The celebration of vegetables, buddha bowls, purple food (?), Mexican cuisine… I think it’s fair to say we won’t go hungry!!

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Once again, the SORTEDfood community has grown substantially this year across all social platforms, and broken all our previous stat records… Here’s what you’ve done this year:

– Watched 80 million SORTEDfood videos on YouTube

– Spent 630 YEARS watching SORTEDfood videos on YouTube

– ‘Liked’ more than 1.8million videos

– Commented more than 115,000 times on our YouTube videos

You also helped to make two of our most stupid videos AND our most popular videos ever (5 Kitchen Gadgets NOBODY Needs!!! and 6 Fruit Hacks That’ll BLOW YOUR MIND But You’ll Never Use!). Honestly, we watched both these videos back after editing them and seriously considered not putting them out because they were so stupid… Goes to show what we know about what’s popular on the internet!!

We’ve also been lucky enough to meet some of you at events like VidCon and whilst we’ve been out and about. We’re constantly surprised by the passion that you have for food, and whilst this may sound twee… You inspire us every single day to up our game and make what we do better… Thank you!

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Our Work

As many of you will already know, we’re able to make SORTEDfood what it is by partnering with brands to help make what we do bigger and better. This year we’ve had the opportunity to work with some fantastic brands on some really exciting projects… After starting the year outside on a VERY cold farm filming some great Lamb recipes, we quickly found ourselves armed with only Android phones connected with Android Pay and tasked with improving the food at your celebrations, which ended up taking us to San Francisco!!

In October we announced that we were partnering with Co-op to explore the widening gap in cooking skills within the UK and beyond. This is a project very close to our hearts, and a problem that affects millions of people in the UK and countless more across the world. Our work on this has only just begun, but look out early next year for some exciting developments. With your help, we’re going to be able to do some amazing things with this project!

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We’ve got some incredibly exciting plans already lining up for 2017, from creating insane content, to pushing the boundaries of what’s been done before around cooking entertainment and using tech to move ‘how’ we cook forward. We really can’t wait to get started with them… But first it’s time to take some time off to relax and recharge the batteries.

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, we truly believe that it’s the simple, basic things that will hold us together and make us stronger.

For us, this starts with family and friends… The best times I can remember in my life have been spent around a table surrounded by family and friends, enjoying great food and great company.

From everyone here at SORTEDfood, we wish you the happiest of holidays and a fantastic to 2017… Let’s work together to make it better for everyone! – Love Jamie, Barry, Ben, Mike, James, Clare, Hannah, Katie, Abbie, Rachel, Ed, Ray, Jon, Josh and Dan.

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