17 Cracking Celebrity Food Puns

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Things got going in the SORTED studio today. Celebrity food puns came out all over the shop and we didn’t quite know how¬†to stop. These are the absolute top that we came up with. Got any more?

1. Bread Pitt

Bread Pitt
(Credit: DoD News Features)

2. Paul O’Gravy

Paul OGravy
(Credit: Steve Punter)

3. Kimchi Kardashian

Kimchee K
(Credit: Luke Ford)

4. Pitta Andre

Pitta Andre
(Credit: Steve Slater)

5. Cake Moss

Cake Moss
(Credit: Renan Katayama)

6. Egg Sheeran

Egg Sheeran
(Credit: Eva Rinaldi)

7. Robert Brownie Jnr.

Robert Brownie Jnr
(Credit: Gadge Skidmore)

8. Brieyoncé

(Credit: JingJing Chen)

9. Adille

(Credit: Christopher Macsurak)

9. Kevin Spicy

Kevin Spicy
(Credit: Penguino K)

10. Suet Perkins


11. Leonardo Di Capri-Salad

Leonardo Di Capreseio Salad
(Credit: Thore Siebrands)

12. Chris Spratt

Chris Spratt
(Credit: Mingle Media TV)

13. Channing Potatum

Channing Potatum
(Credit: Gadge Skidmore)

14. Danny Burrito

danny b
(Credit: Gadge Skidmore)

15. James Corden-Bleu

James Cordon Bleu
(Credit: Dominick D)

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