15 Times Tea Saved The Day

Holy Tea

1. When it gave you a reason to get out of bed.

Tea 18

2. And it drastically improved your very average breakfast.

tea 17

3. When it gave the British Isles its national identity.

Tea 20

4. And meant the digestive biscuit had an even more solid reason for existence.

tea 10

5. When you were completely broke and you realise that tea is the cheapest thing on a coffee shop menu.


6. That time you had a mad drama with your housemates but quickly solved it by calming down with a cuppa.

Tea 11


7. On a hot summer day you remembered that Iced Tea actually exists.

Iced Tea


8. When you couldn’t possibly carry on with the day and someone offered to ‘pop the kettle on’.

Tea 12

9. That time you were forced to watch extreme sports outside in the freezing cold and tea was there for you to gently cradle.

Tea 16

10. And another time you were at a posh event, it helped you fit right in.

Tea 2


11. When you made a new friend for life because you made them the goddam best cup of tea they’ve ever had.

Tea 3

12. When it gave you the perfect excuse to buy a beautiful little pot with matching mugs that you think you love more than your parents.

tea 15

13. When you realised that there are loads of different ways to cook & bake with tea.

Tea 13

14. That time you were sad and a bit weepy and needed a great big hug in a mug.


15. When a load of guests turned up unexpectedly and you knew exactly what to give them.

Tea 5

16. When you realised you still have your whole life ahead to spend with tea.

Tea 7

Apparently there’s a scientific perfect way to make tea. We did some investigating and this is the supposed recipe for the perfect cup of tea. Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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