We’re pretty proud of being super geeky about food. I mean… who wouldn’t want to know more about food?! A few weeks ago we asked you guys for your nerdiest food facts and you didn’t let us down…

1. Did you know? b_foodfact9

2. Keep giving your least favourite foods a chance! You can adapt your palate (and everyone should learn to love olives)!b_foodfact14

3. We’ve got a lot to thank this guy for…b_foodfact114. Bees don’t just give us delicious honey!b_foodfact135. There’s always something new you can learn about food. Has anyone tried this?b_foodfact126. This is true! Kiwi + gelatin = soup! We haven’t tried cooking it first though. Learnt something new!


7. Carbonara is always a controversial dish! We’ll admit it… we’ve made every mistake listed here 😛b_foodfact168. We haven’t tried this, but it’s a great tip! Going to give it a go next time we’re cooking fries.b_foodfact179. Read this and see if you want to give up chocolate. Yep, still not gonna give it up.b_foodfact1810. Isn’t food just the BEST thing ever?b_foodfact111. Probably the most popular fact… did you know this?b_foodfact2b_foodfact7b_foodfact3

12. Have you tried this before? Marinate your steak in one of these before you cook next time… it’s worth it!b_foodfact4b_foodfact513. You can always add salt but you can’t take it away. Or can you?!b_foodfact614. This is useful and important information… promise.b_foodfact1015. Can’t argue with this logic…b_foodfact19

Got any more fun food facts for us? Let us know in the comments 😀

  • SaraB

    Regarding #5, pickled watermelon rinds are a southern U.S. thing.

    • TNKnitter615

      Don’t quite agree with you. My grandmother’s family came from Germany and lived in Wisconsin. Watermelon Rind Pickles were a family tradition. I believe the Pennsylvania Dutch also make them.

      • Roseanne

        There’s also watermelon rind kimchi in Korea.

      • SaraB

        Interesting, they’re more widely made than I thought they were. Cool.

  • Marchbanks

    +1 SaraB When I was young, one of my favorite poems was “Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle Received from a Friend Called Felicity” by John Tobias.

  • Tom Jørgensen

    Very few things we it are alkaline. Egg-white and most tap-water are thou

  • Kelsey

    Apples, Pears, and Plums are all members of the Rose family. So… I guess you can give a bouquet of apples now instead of roses. I mean it is cheaper.

  • Hisoka

    Miraculin in miracle fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) can cause sour foods to taste sweet after being eaten. Miraculin binds to receptors on the taste buds until eventually enough of it is washed away by saliva, so you can eat lemons or drink vinegar for quite a while before this happens, and it will taste sweet.

  • JoleNe Ng

    It’s a restaurant term that if something doesn’t exist or not available in the menu is called an “Item 86”. Why 86? Because back in the days, a typical French restaurant would only have maximum of 85 dishes in the menu. “Item 86” is a code name to say that an item does not exist in the menu.

    • Meghan Cyrier

      Another one is known as system D… or better known as system 22. It pretty much means to fix something or use something for or to accompish a task it was not ment to do. For example cant find a lid yo a pot but it needs one, use a baking sheet. Works just as well

  • Jennifer Maddron

    Watermelons are not actually melons. They’re berries!

  • Stacey Nelson

    Not sure if this is fun or just gross. My granny was a bit hillbilly. I know that a snapping turtles heart will beat for several minutes after it’s removed from the turtle. I also know that if you cook raccoon the wrong way, it can make you very sick. I think it had to do with some sort of gland or something. http://www.seriouseats.com/2012/11/how-to-cook-a-raccoon-the-south.html

  • Meghan Cyrier

    When making a balsamic reduction ( which will stink up your kitchen for a bit) don’t add sugar, add salt. Sugar turns it into a hard, and quite frankly gross mess… salt brings out the sweetness. Also the next time you eat that half a grapefruit for breakfast dont sprinkle sugar… just lightly dust with salt and let sit for a few minutes. The salt breaks the cell walls and causes water/juice to be let out concentrating the natural sweetness of a fruit such as a slightly bitter grapefruit

  • Meghan Cyrier

    Guacamole translates into testicle sauce

  • YourAverageTeapot

    Did you know just how much your taste is influenced by your genes? Small changes in taste/smell receptors can totally change how something tastes to you. This influences for example how bitter coffee, grapefruit and artificial sweeteners taste for you. But my favourite example is coriander. Most people love it, but apparently, about 10 % of people really hate it (that includes me). These people have a mutation in one receptor, that increases the intensity of the taste of coriander until it is no longer nice, but really rather disgusting.