14 Ways You Can Get Even Better At Cooking

Be A Better Coo Hear

There’s a budding cook inside all of us. If you’re looking for ways to get better at cooking… here they are.

1. Get back to basics

Go right back to the beginning and make sure you’re familiar with all of the basic methods of cooking. From frying to steaming to grilling… check out these articles and if you’re a little rusty or afraid of one, get practising!

Moist Heat Methods of Cooking

Dry Heat Methods of Cooking

2. Sharpen up your knife skills

Knives, knives, knives! There are so many knives out there so you need to know about the different types, which ones to choose and how best to make use of them in a quick, safe and efficient manner! Remember to always keep your knives clean and sharp.

Ask The Chef: Which Knives?

Ask The Chef: Knife Skills

Knives 1

3. Know your herbs and spices

Get really clued up about different herbs and spices and what they can add to your food. Stock your pantry up with the basics so you’re never lacking in variety.

Your Herb Stash… SORTED

Your Spice Cupboard… SORTED

4. Read tons of recipe books

Buy and read the recipes of lots of different chefs from a number of different places. You will begin to pick up on their styles and expand your own knowledge and unique way of cooking.

Recipe books

5. Eat plenty of different world cuisines

Get to know the foodie world we live in and familiarise yourself with flavours and foods that are native to certain countries by eating them yourself. Use recipes and visit restaurants to explore types of foods you haven’t yet tried. To be a great cook you need to be open to different cultures and experiences so cram as many in as you can!

6. Develop and write your own recipes

Put your stamp on the cooking world and generate your own creations. Jot down all of your ideas so you can share them with others! This helps you practise many a skill but gets you thinking just like a chef does. Struggling for inspiration? Our guide might help…

A Step By Step Guide To Writing Your Own Recipe


7. Get on some obscure courses

Knowledge is power. If you’re not trained as a professional chef then you can gain specialist knowledge by taking certain courses. They’re good fun and can really take you to the next level. Even things like wine, coffee and butchery courses can make a difference to your cooking.

8. Follow epic blogs

Blogging is a great way for beginners to professionals to share their experiences and thoughts with the wider cooking community. Build up a list of great bloggers that you might like to follow and keep up to date with their latest news and recipes.

9. Question, question, question!

Use social media and other communication tools to ask questions to people that might be able to answer! At SORTEDfood we always do our best to reply to anyone’s cooking query, no matter how small. Don’t be shy and remember… everyone had to start somewhere!


10. Get good practice

Set time aside in your schedule to dedicate towards cooking. If you’re the one who cooks for your family, that’s great! Leave plenty time for experimenting and for longer recipes that you might not have time to make for midweek meals.

11. Accept criticism

Always ask the people you’re cooking for, for feedback. How could the meal have been improved? What else might have been nice alongside it? Everyone has different tastes so this way you can cater for everybody and make little trs whenever you can.

12. Travel

While cooking exotic foods at home is a great thing, you should also try to travel and experience a culture’s food first hand using ingredients that are native. Wherever you can, try to go somewhere new, even if it’s just visiting a city in your own country. Put yourself outside of your comfort zone, meet new people and try things you’re not used to!

Travel 233

13. Accept that things go wrong!

Even the best of the best have total cooking disasters so the sooner you embrace that this is perfectly normal, the sooner you will start to feel comfortable experimenting. Document your failures so that when you have the successes you can reflect and remember exactly what went wrong so you can learn for next time.

14. Don’t be afraid to be awesome

You are awesome. How do we know that? Because you’re reading this post and already trying to better yourself so you’re on the path to greatness my friend.

Don’t forget to keep us in the loop with your learning and cooking! As we say so often, being a foodie is about sharing experiences, successes and failures with others. Send in your recipes and keep uploading your them to your personal account. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. 

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