13 Reasons Why Food Is Better Than Any Girlfriend/ Boyfriend

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Is food the biggest relationship in your life? We know the feeling. Here’s why food is way better than any boyfriend or girlfriend you will ever have…

1. You never have to panic about your best friends not liking food.

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2. Food will never judge and won’t tell on you when you get slightly out of hand.

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3. You never have to choose one specific type of food so you can pretty much live a polygamous life no problem.

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4. Food won’t laugh at you on a hangover and will make you feel way better instead.

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5. Food pays attention to your problems.

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6. Food will never play hard to get.

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7. Food smells good.


8. Food won’t cheat on you.

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9. Food will always be up for a Netflix binge.

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10. Food won’t interrupt or sing along during your Netflix binge.

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11. Your desires for food will never burn out. You will always think about food.

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12. Food can stay up all night.

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13. Food is ALWAYS there.

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If only you could be married to food….