12 Things You Didn’t Know About Figs


Figs are absolutely delicious and a total delight. They remind me of the relaxing long summer, Mediterranean holidays and al fresco dining. Such an easy fruit to quickly chop up and serve with cold hams, bread and cheeses. As well as tasting divine, this is a fruit that simply adores having its picture taken. The colours and the patterns pick up any dish and give life to the plate.

Figs are a pear shaped fruit, brightly coloured with dark inner flesh, sweet to the taste and have an amazing texture thanks to the hundreds of seeds within. They’re hugely popular in North America, The Middle-East and Asia. Whether you’re a fig lover or brand new on the scene, get to know this fabulous fruit. You’ll surprise everyone with your fruity prowess…

1. When the Olympics first began, figs were given to the winners as medals.

2. They have a 55% sugar content making them the highest of all fruit.

Fig 3

3. They’re also known as the ‘fruit of the gods’ because of this.

4. Figs help to keep the moisture in baked goods and helps to keep them fresher for longer. You can use fig puree as a substitution for fat in your bakes. 

5. Figs don’t flower. The fruit itself is the blossum! Hundreds of tiny seeds grow on the inside every individual fig.

6. Figs grown in the wild rely on small wasps to be fertilised. They crawl in through tiny holes for the process.

Fig 2

7. 70% of animals in the rainforest depend on figs to survive.

8. Figs are packed full of fibre and calcium.

9. They’re part of the mulberry family.

10. They should be left to ripen fully on the tree because once picked, they won’t continue to ripen if immature.

Fig 4

11. Figs drizzled with honey are an incredible topping on pizzas.

12. Figs have a short shelf life and don’t travel well. You should try to buy them as fresh as possible at a market or straight from a farm. Don’t forget to tuck into them quickly!

The wasp thing is pretty freaky, right? Don’t panic, you’d never know and most figs these days are actually hand cultivated without this process. So don’t forget to get some figs on your plate this summer.

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