11 Traumatic Things You Endure When Attempting To Diet

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Can we all agree that any form of a diet sucks? But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do… If you’re really limiting the calories and disciplining yourself against naughty treats, we bet you’ve experienced these….

1. You start visualising your friends and family as giant cakes with legs.

diet 2


2. You keep making typos in text messages and replace normal words like ‘Hello’ with ‘burger’.

Diet 1


3. You were so excited about lunch until you realised it was salad so you cry hysterically into the leaves.

diet 3


4. You start to think that animals at the zoo are getting better grub than you.

diet 4


5. You get so Hangry and Hun-grumpy that your friends no longer want to know you.

diet 5


6. The cinema snack queue becomes the world’s one and only biggest struggle.

diet 7


7. You get invited to a restaurant but then remember that your eating plan will suck out the joy of the whole event and you will be the official fun sponge.

diet 6


8. You’re pretty sure it’s day seven. Wait… WHAT? Day TWO? Impossible.

diet 8


9. You linger unhealthily too long in the confectionary aisle at the supermarket looking longingly at the biscuits.

diet 9

10. When all your hard work pays off and you FINALLY lose 1 pound you order a pizza.

diet 10



And if you can’t, well don’t worry. We’ve given you some awesome chocolate recipes below. *Winky face.*