102 Things To Do With Eggs!

102 Things With Eggs

The delicate little things that hens lay are magically marvelous in the kitchen. They’re seriously versatile and have so many functional uses as well as being int-EGG-ral to countless recipes. We came up with 102 things…

1. Soft boil them

2. Hard boil them

3. Poach them

4. Scramble them

5. Fry them

6. Bake avocado eggs

7. Cure them

8. Coddle them

9. Makes a hollandaise

10. Make a custard

11. Make a mayonnaise

12. Bake a cake

13. Enrich a brioche loaf

14. Make a souffle

15. Bake some meringue kisses

16. Bake a pavlova

17. Make macarons

18. Make macaroons

19. Make fresh, homemade pasta

20. Make a carbonara sauce

21. Turn hard boiled eggs into an egg mayo filling/topping

22. Pickle them

23. Cook them in tea

24. Make an omelette

25. Make pancakes

26. Make a QUICHE!

27. Crack them into a shakshuka

28. Crack them into huevos rancheros in a mug

29. Make those trendy cloud eggs

30. Use them in cocktail sours

31. Beat them and pané something

32. Use them to thicken a fruit curd

33. Put one inside a scotch egg

34. Make royal icing

35. Aerate a light, fluffy mousse

36. Make eggnog

37. Devil them!

38. Whisk them into an egg drop soup

39. Make French toast

40. Glaze bread and pastries

41. Whip up some marshmallows

42. Check to see if it’s fresh by floating in water

43. Clarify stock to make consommé

44. Make paint! (It’s how they did it in the old days)

45. Remove egg shell from bowl of cracked eggs with egg shell!

46. Use the shells for compost

47. Use to bind noodles for a ramen burger!

48. Make heart shaped eggs

49. Use the whites as glue

50. Make a fat-less swiss roll sponge

51. Make a golden egg (shake them to scramble before boiling in the shell)

102 Things With Eggs 2

52. Have an egg and spoon race

53. Paint them to make decorations

54. Mix the yolks with oil and honey for facials

55. Use the whites as hair conditioner

56. Freeze the whites and yolks separately for later use

57. Bake an egg custard tart

58. Play catch the egg (we made this game up. It’s great)

59. Make candles in the shells

60. Down raw eggs for the protein like in the movies

61. The silver egg trick!

62. Peel a hard boiled egg by blowing shell off  

63. Slip a boiled egg into a bottle using physics

64. Stand on them (without them breaking, obvs)

65. Make Waffles

66. Marinate them (in soy sauce)

67. Make Yorkshire Puddings

68. Make a traditional Spanish tortilla

69. Boil in a coffee maker instead of a pan (we don’t know why either)

70. Poach them in the microwave

71. Peel them the easy way (crack the top, then bottom, then roll them!)

72. Make the shell disappear (by soaking in malt vinegar for a day, it rubs right off!)

73. Peel them by shaking in a jar with water.

74. Make a creme patissiere

75. Crack them to make Florentine pizza

76. Make fritatta

77. Make creme brulée

78. Make choux pastry

79. Bake an egg cocotte

Poutine eggs

80. Make delicious bread and butter pudding

81. Scramble them into egg fried rice

82. Make an egg in a basket

83. Make tamagoyaki (that’s a japanese rolled omelette)

84. Make a salt crust (the egg white binds the salt together)

85. Stick egg shells around plants (it’s slug repellant)

86. Play Russian Roulette with a single raw & multiple boiled eggs. (or don’t, it’s a ridiculous idea)

87. Juggle them (at your own risk)

88. Use in pliable fortune cookie dough

89. Use whites to clean your leather shoes or shine jewellry

90. Egg in bread bowl

91. Make marzipan

92. Hatch them?!

93. Dip soldiers into them

94. Make Stink Bombs

95. Gammon & Egg Gala Pie

96. Spin an egg to tell if it’s raw or hard boiled (if spins easily it’s hard-boiled, if it’s wobbly it’s raw)

97. Poach egg meringue for Floating Island desserts

98. Egg someone’s house

99. Bake an Magic custard cake (clever egg separation!)

100. Cook egg in bread (in a hole cut from fried bread)

101. Fry an egg on an iron

102. Make your own chocolate eggs (okay… last one doesn’t come from a hen!)

Some of these are little dubious, are there any you’d like to replace? And if so… with what?

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