12 Times When Eating With Non-Foodies Gets Stressful

What do you mean you haven’t heard of a Cronut?!

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When you’re a massive foodie but your friends aren’t…… problems. Here are the things you might relate to if you ever end up going for dinner with them…

1. Everyone pretty much thinks you’re a massive pig because you just love all the food.


2. Someone announces they’re on a diet and you struggle to even make eye contact with them. 


3. They all think you’re being sarcastic because you got that overly excited about an item on the menu.

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4. Nobody wants to share sides and you therefore don’t get to taste everything.


5. And then when someone then attempts to try some of your food you get unreasonable.

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6. You receive daggers and severe eye rolling when you rush to photograph your meal for instagram.

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7. And before you know it everyone’s digging in and you’ve missed the opportune snap.


8. No one ever knows or cares about Cronuts, Rainbow Bagels and Raindrop cakes.

I can't even

9. You’re met with blank stares when you refer to your favourite chefs and food related TV shows.

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10. They always insist on going back to the same place to eat the same food and it’s too much.

I'm Out

11. They drown their food in sauces and you feel like you might have to personally go and apologise to the chef.

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12. There’s constant moaning about how boring and time consuming cooking is and it hurts your heart.

I'm done finally

Damn all those non-foodies.