10 Things You Should Always Have In Your Freezer

Time for another shopping list! 


1. Ice, ice baby

OK it might seem like a bit of an obvious one but you’d be surprised how many people don’t have an ice tray on the go. What if you had friends over and offered them a G&T before realising you didn’t have any ice. That’s just not ok. Avoid room temp drinks at all costs.

2. Peas

There are a multitude of reasons to have peas in the freezer. Firstly they are probably the vegetable that goes from frozen to nom in the quickest time. If you ever cook a meal and just need a bit of green on the side, just boil up some peas, chuck on some butter and Bob’s your uncle, you’re ready to eat. Also, frozen peas are also useful for sprained ankles and knocks to the head.

3. Bacon

The thing with bacon is, when you are craving it, (hangovers, early starts etc.) it’s always at a time when you can’t get to the shops. Having a pack of bacon in the freezer is like a hangover safety blanket. There are very few situations on this earth that aren’t made better by a bacon sandwich.


4. Homemade stock

If you saw our recent article about Ice Hacks, (if you didn’t you should check it out here, it was excellent) you will know what lovers we are of homemade stock. The thing about stock is that it is best made in large batches, which is great until your recipe only calls for one portion… To get around this we suggest reducing it down and freezing it into individual ice cubes. Then, the next time you need it you can pop one out of the tray and into your pot! Job done.

5. Leftovers

If you often find yourself cooking for one you will know the struggle of portion control. Instead of trying to adapt recipes into smaller portions go ahead and make enough for 2 or 4 people. You can then portion it up and freeze the leftovers. Not only will this make cooking from recipes easier but it also means you have meals ready and waiting if you have a day when you don’t have time to cook!

6. Chilli

You may not need to use chilli very often, but when you do, nothing else will do. The easiest way to store it is putting a few fresh chillis in a bag in the fridge. When you need them for your next curry, just slice off what you need and chuck it straight in the pot. What’s left can go straight back in the freezer.


7. Bread

Let’s be honest, loaves of bread weren’t made for single households. If like me you use bread most often for toast, keep it in frozen. Then you can just toast a piece at a time and you won’t have to worry about it going green before you can eat it.

8. Frozen fruit

Bags of frozen fruit really come in useful. If you like to make smoothies in the morning, use frozen fruit and you won’t need to add extra ice to your blender. Or pop into drinks to keep them cool without diluting them. You’ll soon wonder why you haven’t done it before!

9. Butter

Ok, so butter is something you should keep in the fridge, we know this. BUT the freezer is all about back up. A block of butter in the freezer isn’t going to take up any space, but will be a lifesaver on the bank holiday weekend when you want to bake a cake and all the shops are shut.


10. Ice cream

Why wouldn’t you have ice cream in the freezer?

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