10 Things That Will Help You Through The First Day Of Work…

New Year Cover Photo

It’s the first day of work. WE FEEL YA. There’s no more staying in bed to eat chocolate or lounging about on the sofa with Netflix. Boo hoo. So we’ve got a few things that are guaranteed to make you feel better. It did it for us! And if it doesn’t… at least we wasted 5 minutes of the clock….

Here are the ten things to get you through today:

1. The prospect of no longer having to stare at these hideous Christmas jumpers.

Christmas Jumpers

2. That there has not yet been enough time this year to be bored of the gym.

iqSTK3o - Imgur

3. The fact that in only 5 days it will be Saturday which means the weekend… which means lying in bed eating all the food.


4. The fact that in exactly 74 days it will be Easter which means another excuse to eat hideous amounts of chocolate all day.

95WEPCg - Imgur

5. This oozing melting Philly Cheesesteak.

nmHLDOT - Imgur

6. THESE Chocolate Caramel Cookies.

xScVojm - Imgur

7. These rainbow pancakes. They are filled with joy and happiness just for you.

XyX1pev - Imgur

8. Some loveable guys in dog costumes.

goUSTLt - Imgur

9. This incredible video which we shot in ONE take!

0gs6no4 - Imgur

Catch the video here.

10. It’s a new year, a new start and therefore and awesomely blank slate for SORTEDfood to wreak havoc upon the world!

EaUHO5Y - Imgur

Who knows what’s in store for 2016? There’s no better time to GET EXCITED.