10 Herbs You Need To Become A Cooking Boss

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We’re Sorted food and we’re here to give you extremely useful cooking tips, tricks and skills to help you become the bossman cook you long to be.

Recently we’ve been talking about stocking up your cooking supplies. This time round we’re going to be talking herbs. It’s always much, much better to store fresh herbs as the flavours are amazing! Grow your own or upkeep plants in your home. If you’re not able to keep this up then dried, jarred versions can be OK if you’re willing to compromise on taste!

1. Rosemary

Rosemary is a great addition to meat, roasted trays of potatoes, vegetables or to spruce up stews and casseroles. It’s really versatile and pretty easy to grow! Nice one.

2. Thyme

Thyme is Rosemary’s partner in crime. They’re a bit like Thelma and Louise without the guns. It’s good for flavouring stocks and soups and isn’t too bad dried. So keep a constant supply in your cupboard OK?

3. Oregano

Oregano is a strong herb that can be used for all sorts. It’s popular in Italian cooking- pizza anyone?- and features in a lot of Greek dishes. It’s particularly great with lamb. You can easily can your hands on oregano in jars.

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4. Basil

Where would pesto be without basil? It wouldn’t exist obviously. Basil is used in lots of Italian and Asian cooking, can be great in a tomato salad and is incredibly fresh and fragrant.

5. Mint

Let’s not get too heavily involved in the ‘sprig of mint’ conversation. We all know it’s a super herb! It can be used in sweet and savoury dishes, tea and toothpaste. Smells good too.

6. Bay Leaves

These are another good ‘un to store in your cupboard. These leaves serve as a wonderful flavour enhancer if they’re left to bubble away in a big old pot of food. Don’t forget to take them out at the end or you’ll left with a strange surprise.

Herb Jar 2

7. Coriander

Or Cilantro, depending on where you’re from! You either LOVE it or cry at that the sight of it, feeling like you’re being forced to eat soap granules. (Apparently it’s a gene thing.) It’s popular in mexican and asian cuisine so think thai curries and tacos. Mmm.

8. Dill

Dill and salmon were meant to be. It’s also great in a ranch dressing and can be cleverly paired with food you wouldn’t expect. Take this turkey meatball traybake. Ugh, yum.

9. Parsley

A great garnish! Look like pro chef by popping a little on top of your food. It’s strong in taste so go easy. It also makes up part of the bouquet garni used to flavour stocks.

10. Chives

If you’re cooking scrambled eggs don’t even thinking about moving forward without chives. They’re part of the onion family so have a similar taste, though not quite as strong. Definitely better fresh, so avoid the dried version.

Reckon there are other herbs out there that are more important than these? What herbs do you like cooking with best? Let us know over on Twitter! That’s where we’ll be talking about it. We also have plenty of other great content if you’re a beginner cook or looking to stock up your supplies. Be sure to check out all the pieces in the series!

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