10 Cookies That Cover Life’s Most Fundamental Needs

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Cookies come in all shapes and sizes and everyone seems to have a personal preference to how they should be baked. You’ve got those people on the gooey patrol…. Those that like a crisp, crunchy shell and others that don’t really care as long as there’s copious amounts of chocolate involved.

Well SORTEDfood have your back, whatever floats your boat! The following recipes cover all the bases. Let’s pretend that each recipe is episode of Friends… Nice.

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1. The One That’s A Total Classic

These Chocolate Chip Cookies have been tried and tested, then tried and tested again to find the perfect combination of ingredients. If you stick to the basics, you can’t really go wrong. Get the recipe.

2. The One That’s Beautifully Gooey

Chewy, soft and oozing a salted caramel and nutella goo on the inside. If you haven’t yet come across these Double Stuffed Cookies, I promise you, they will change your life. Get the recipe.

Cookie 2

3. The One That’s Super Retro

Crisp, delicious and a visual stunner. Pinwheel Cookies look way more complicated than they actually are so give them a go and impress everyone with your cookie making ability. Get the recipe.

4. The One That’s Covered In Chocolate

Chocolate… and caramel! These Cookies are recreations of Twix bars and the good news is, you can eat as many as you want. Nobody’s stopping you. Get the recipe.

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5. The One That Celebrates Cookie Dough

Cookie dough sandwiched between two cookies. Uh. Yum. Cream cheese is the mystery ingredient here and the finished result is incredibly moreish and delectable. Get the recipe.

6. The One That Involves A Solid Amount of Peanut Butter

PB&J. Let me hear you say PB&J. Hooray! Any peanut butter loving bozos out there will go nuts for these cookies (geddit?) Get the recipe.

Cookie Recipe Hack

7. The One That’s The Definition of Comfort Food

Sod having lots of small cookies! Bake your mix into one giant,, scrumptious cookie pie! If that isn’t enough then chuck a scoop of ice cream on top and hang onto your knickers as you watch it ooze and melt all over it. Get the recipe.

8. The One That Lets You Get Experimental

You should technically be able to add whatever the hell you want to a cookie recipe. This simple cookie hack will have you conjuring great cookies in whatever style you want! What are you thinking??? Get the recipe.

Peanut Crisp Bar

9. The One That’s A Little Out Of The Box

These Peanut and Crisp Cookies were made for Jamie Oliver and we came up with the groundbreaking idea of mixing cookies and crisps! Yes seriously! Ready salted crisps to be precise. If you’re feeling like trying something new… give them a go. Get the recipe.

10.The One For Anyone Who Doesn’t Actually Like Cookies

If you’re over the whole cookie thing but still like the odd biscuit… you have to try Zebra Shortbread. Simple can sometimes win the race and the lemony flavour adds a new dimension to shortbread! Get the recipe.

Head to SORTEDfood for more epic recipes. Our global community of over 15,000 are guaranteed to have a recipe that tickles your fancy so create a profile and get stuck in!

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