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Welcome to SORTED, the online hub for all your food needs. Whether you're a complete beginner or a master of the kitchen, you’ll find tonnes of recipe videos for dishes that are quick, easy and downright delicious!

The website is run by the SORTED crew, a bunch of mates who are out to prove that you can have a bit of fun in the kitchen – cooking doesn’t have to be so serious!

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The Crew never take life too seriously... in fact SORTED is simply based on a group of friends… they’ve known each other for what seems like forever. The lads grew up together and, although all went to separate unis to study a whole range of degrees, have always stayed in touch.

The whole story kicked off a few years back - sat around a pub table... sharing recipes on beer mats. Ben, as a trained chef... was terrified by what his closest friends were eating. (Did you know there’s such a thing as a Frozen Doner Kebab?!) So Ben would share the perfect student grub to get them away from takeaways and pot noodles.

As a photographer, Barry saw an opportunity to create and publish a cookbook crammed full of his creative work and Ben's recipes, which would be perfect for students. And they've never looked back. They put together a student cookbook (doing all the work themselves) and then set out to share these recipes and the idea of social cooking with friends.

That's where the videos started. YouTube became the perfect platform to share SORTED recipes with a larger audience... the world, in fact. It didn't change what they did... they just did what they loved. And now, week after week they get the recipe requests and food dilemmas of their audience SORTED. Delivering quick, simple and tasty dishes, heavily seasoned with banter.

It's grown much faster than anyone could have imagined, but that's awesome because SORTED now has friends scattered across the world and it’s amazing that everyone can all cook together. The beauty is that everybody can relate to food and it becomes a fantastic catalyst for conversation and meeting new people.

So get involved, get in the kitchen, and get SORTED!


The Crew