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Wagon Wheels

Here's a bit of a childhood favourite... we recreate wagon wheels by simply sandwiching marshmallows between homemade biscuits and covering with melted chocolate. Easy!

Ingredients & RecipePrint


  • plain flour (150g)
  • self raising flour (150g)
  • butter, softened (185g)
  • 1 egg
  • caster sugar (170g)
  • drop of vanilla extract
  • 1 bag regular white marshmallows
  • plain chocolate (400g)


preheat oven to 180˚C.
mix the flours, sugar and butter together to form a crumbly mix. This can be done in a food processor if you have one
add the vanilla extract and the egg, then mix to form a dough.
place teaspoons of the mixture onto a lined baking sheet, well spaced apart.
bake for 10mins or until golden brown all over.
carefully slide half of the biscuits onto a wire rack to cool then cut the marshmallows into pieces and sit on top of the other half.
return the marshmallow covered ones back to the oven for another minute until they have just melted.
remove them from the oven and stick the partially cooled ones on top and allow to cool.
melt the chocolate in a heat proof bowl in a microwave.
place the cooled biscuits on a wire rack with a tray underneath.
spoon chocolate onto one side of the biscuits, just enough to cover the base and not run too much over the edges.
allow to set in the fridge.
turn the biscuits upside down and pour the chocolate over the top to ensure it totally covers them and can run down the edges. (Any excess chocolate can be scraped off the tray and re-used.)
tuck into them once set.

makes 12

Wagon Wheels

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