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A Brief History of Cupcakes

The past few years has seen the awe inspiring rise of cupcakes, and we can’t see it changing anytime soon, so this week we thought we would we would pay tribute by giving them their very own SORTED blog.

According to Google’s annual zeitgeist, cupcake recipes were the fastest growing recipe search in the UK, followed closely by sorted recipes (we wish), but here’s hoping.

Most people accept that ‘Sprinkles cupcakes’ in Beverly Hills was the first cupcake bakery. Started by two investment bankers, this risky venture was taken on when the baking industry was in a four year decline. Never the less they pursued their dream and only three hours into their first day all the cupcakes had sold out, and in the first week a grand total of 2,200 cupcakes were sold. It would appear that for once a banker had got something right and thus the cupcake craze was born.]

Between 2010-2011 there was a 52% increase in cupcake consumption, but shockingly there was a 5.4% decrease in sales in the supermarkets. It would seem that a food niche had been found that the supermarkets just could not compete with. As a result, there have been bakers popping up all over the country selling speciality cupcakes and it has been so well received it has turned into somewhat of an art form. Some are inspirational, epic pieces of ‘cup cakery’ (that might not be a word, but let’s go with it) some are cool and some are just a little bit strange.

So what does the future hold for our beloved cupcakes? Most food writers believe that they have had their time and the craze will die out. But this has been said for the past two years now and there isn’t much out there to defeat this small but mighty treat. Some people believe that 2012-2013 will be the layer cake year or the macaron but let’s be honest.

Would you rather have a delightful cupcake or mega macaron?

What's your favourite?

Ever Wondered?

Our Cupcakes

Red Velvet CupcakesBanoffee CupcakesSpiced Apple and Cinnamon CupcakesGiant Red Velvet Cupcake - FridgeCam

Ever Wondered?

How many cupcakes are eaten each year?

It is estimated that every year the total mass of cupcakes eaten is more than the mass of the earth, and with the earth weighing in at 5.9742 × 1024 Kg (that’s 24 zeros by the way for all those that hate maths). With the average cupcake weighing about 83g that’s… Well let’s just say a lot of cupcakes!

A Brief History of Cupcakes

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